Our HVAC Product and Service Guarantees

Our HVAC Guarantees

100% Comfort Guarantee

We have decided that spending money on air conditioning and heating services should be as low stress as buying a shirt from Costco or Amazon. Most retail sellers give a 30-day return policy…We are offering you a 2-year money back guarantee! Test drive your system for a 2 full years. If you are unsatisfied, unsure, or just flat out need your money back we will refund your entire investment. No questions asked!

100% Property Protection Guarantee

Your property and belongings are safe with us! If we do not leave your home or business in the condition or better condition than when we got there we will hire a professional cleaning or repair company to come clean or repair your property until you are beyond 100% satisfied.

Loved Ones Safety Guarantee

We have families as well, and we do not just let anyone work in our homes. So why would we let just anyone work in your homes!? Every member of our team is put through a background check upon hire and undergoes continuous lifestyle checks. We get to know each team member personally. We know their family, their hobbies, and their story so you can enjoy our visits knowing your family and belongings are safe.

No Bait & Switch Guarantee

We guarantee that the price you were given is the price you pay! Our Comfort Craftsmen are highly trained and educated. If we miss something that should have been included in the price that is on us and our training. There will be no increases in the price you were given.

Timeline Guarantee

Every customer we put on our schedule is given an arrival time. If we do not arrive during your arrival time window and we have not been given your consent to adjust the arrival time window our services are free!

15-year Craftsmanship Guarantee

Our Comfort Craftsmen are highly trained and the best at their craft. We stand behind our work 100% and that is why when you join our Maintenance Club we offer a free 15-year labor warranty when most of our competitors only offer 1-2 years.

High Quality Guarantee

We are a team from the top down! The owner of New Age, Branden, gives a visual inspection via picture on every install and service call. Your Craftsman will not leave your home or business until quality craftsmanship has been verified by Branden and your Comfort Craftsman.

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Our Values

This company was built by the Grace of God accessed through honoring Him with every decision we make. The blessing on your life will be unlocked by the decisions you make when only He can see. Be truthful, Be honest, Be your best.

It does not matter how hard a pitcher throws or how fast a point guard runs. They cannot have a winning season without their team. The same applies to this team. Dispatch needs Craftsman, Craftsman need Comfort advisors, and Managers need all of you. Treat your team members with the upmost respect because they help you feed your family.

We need to be communication experts. Frustration and anger happens when expectations and circumstances do not align. You will be behind on an install at one point, you will lose an important note at some point, someone will hurt your feeling or annoy you at some point. Do not stay quiet and hope it fixes itself. It will get worse and you will feel worse. Grab the bull by the horns and communicate.

Sometimes that customer, that team member, or that stranger that is treating you like crap is crying out for someone to treat them with respect, empathy, and kindness because they can’t find it anywhere else in their life. Break the chain of salty tude! You’re not just an AC guy, you are a human…Keep your eyes open for opportunities to positively impact other humans. The happiness and fulfillment in your life will sky rocket if you deliberately live this out.

Set your mind on growth. And go after it fiercely. When you get there, reach back and pull others up. The same way those ahead of you pulled you up. Learn the people around you and how to help them help themselves so they can help you continue to grow. You will learn more helping others than you will with your nose pointed up…That’s a fact.

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